Mechanisms of the Social Coordination Center

1 First

Direct supervision of all submitted data.

2 Second

Distribution of tasks to the constituent committees within the center and following up on their work.

3 Third

Communicating with other parties.


  • Advisory Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Media Committee
  • Coordination Committee

The committees meet periodically, either directly or indirectly, to ensure coordination between them and the coordinators of other parties  to propose what it deems appropriate for the development of mechanisms of social work within the Center. And provides monthly reports on the progress of its work to the Secretary-General of the Foundation General Supervisor of the Center.


To achieve these objectives, a Coordination Committee has been established to subject the social work institutions  to periodic updating.
ُAll are invited to participate as a member of the Center and benefit from its services. It is a national achievement that serves the social work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contributes to its development, raises its efficiency, and works to achieve its 2030 vision.

Apply for membership

Due to the nature of the objectives of the Social Coordination Center of the Princess Seetah Bint Abdul Aziz Foundation for Excellence in Social Work, each institution, organization, center or entity (governmental or non-governmental) is a member of the Center after completing the form available on the Award’s website. The form requests information on the organization; such as its activities, events, and annual calendar. Another method to become a member is to send the same data electronically with the coordinator's name, their preferred method of communication, and certifying the center’s receival of all communications via a text message confirming the approval of the data and the membership number. The entity will become an active, official member and will benefit from our services according to its approved procedures.

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