Who are we?

The Social Coordination Center is an electronic platform designed to link governmental, non-governmental, non-profit, and private organizations in the social work sector together. SCC also provides services in any form to create a network through coordination, organization, and integration and to create a creative, competitive environment. SCC aims to raise the quality of social work and ensure its sustainability.

All are invited to participate as a member of the Center and benefit from its services. It is a national achievement that serves the social work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contributes to its development, raises its efficiency, and works to achieve its 2030 vision.

Introductory film about the Social Coordination Center

Towards the integration of voluntary efforts

Social work, through all its events, programs, and activities under its umbrella, is of great importance to any society. It is a powerful driver of the development process, a supporting arm, and an assistant to government institutions.

Institutions, organizations, and non-profit centers have increased in the Saudi society, both in geographical distribution and diversity. In addition, the number of beneficiaries is increasing day after day. Therefore, to allow for optimal benefits, it has become a necessity to coordinate between the organizations while also being aware of all the available services and programs offered across them. It is important to transform from traditional services into more modern services suited to our time and in line with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, which is committed to the highest standards of quality, sustainability, governance, and transparency

For this reason, the Princess Seetah Bint Abdul Aziz Foundation for Excellence in Social Work has taken upon itself to establish the "Social Coordination Center" to achieve this vision. We hope that all parties concerned with social work, governmental or non-governmental, will cooperate with us as active and influential members and distinguished service providers to enrich and contribute to the development of society.

Our Vision

Leading social work with international quality standards.

Our Mission

Encourage the efforts and its integration to provide a distinctive social work that meets the needs of the country and achieves its ambitions and vision.


To monitor, develop, and document social work of many governmental and non-governmental organizations, while highlighting and featuring their professional and creative aspects.
To allow coordination between entities and social institutions to benefit from their efforts and achievements in social work.
To ease the communication of the beneficiaries of these bodies and allow them to be the first to know of new developments
To encourage healthy competition among entities and social institutions with the aim of providing the best.
To inform entities and social institutions of every new activity in social work around the world.
To encourage organized institutional work through technical procedures that suit the modern advancements.
To contribute to the rehabilitation of distinguished social work leaders to successfully manage social institutions.
To upgrade social work to an advanced career for greater efficiency and wider horizons.
To emphasize the principle of sustainability, transparency, and governance in social work.
To create a social database with programs and specialists serving all those interested in social affairs and individuals

To assist these agencies to qualify for local and international awards and obtain the best centers.

The overall structure of the center

  • General supervisor

    Secretary General of the Princess Seetah Bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work

    • Advisory Committee

    • Social Committee

    • Media Committee

    • Coordination Committee

Support and care for members and sponsors

The Center operates according to a voluntary professional procedure, which is
First: Direct supervision of all submitted data.:

Second: Distribution of tasks to the constituent committees within the center and following up on their work.

Third: Communicating with other parties.

Support and care for members and sponsors

Because the goal of the Social Coordination Center is to support and improve the work of social workers and to encourage them to make a sustainable impact, the Center seeks to support all this through:

• Promoting the members of the Center through its website.

• Announcing events and activities of members as their dates approach.

• Working to support distinctive members through coordination with some of the supporting parties.

• Praising members through the programs on the website.

• Invitations to VIPs and Sponsors to attend important events of the Princess Seetah’s Award.

• Honorable awards of all kinds.